Sunday, 6 December 2009


I've just read most of my old blogs, which shows a degree of self-obsession to which I'm probably very frequently inclined. On the other hand, this is what blogging does to you and there would be little point otherwise.

[Other points to note for the day: anchovy sauce, if you can get it, and I don't know where you can, makes an excellent addition to pasta sauce; and this keyboard does not have a backspace key, which might make for some difficulties later on. Editing, and whatnot.]

Other lessons learned today: one should not kill a rat with a knife if you are an Italian celebrity chef, no matter how good a risotto recipe you might have going on in your head, or however many bags of arborio you've tracked and killed in the outback that day.

Other lesson. If you are having pictures quillfashioned of you writing a blog, don't, for ink will be spilled and a whole lot of things will be turned purple.

More some other time.

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